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Welcome to The Christian Writer’s Office. When you need a Christian writer to write copy for you and/or your business, where would you go? Well, I’d go to The Christian Writer’s Office, of course. The purpose of this site is to offer my services as a Christian freelance writer, site auditor and even pastoral ministry. I am available to do your copywriting, officiate weddings, funerals, supply preaching and teaching.

The writing or copy on your website can make or break a sale. You want your customers to receive good information and easy to understand. As a freelance writer I can help you portray your product or service and free up your valuable time. Writing can take up hours of valuable time you don’t have to lose. Don’t keep biting your nails wondering what to write. Allow me to help you craft your message to your customers. I can help you with blog posts, sales copy or news releases.

 Obviously, this is a new site and I will soon offer courses on Bible study, to include studies on the individual books of the Bible. To those who join my site, you will receive a monthly newsletter that I believe you will find interesting and spiritually enlightening. I will soon have a book store where members will be able to purchase books and other Christian items.

I hope you will consider becoming a member of my site so that we can remain in touch.

Currently I am preparing a survey study of the Bible and it will be available soon.

You are welcome to make donations while I build this site. There is an option below to pay via Pay Pal or with credit card.

For Him,

At Your Service,

Bro. Bob

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Donations, Training Courses and Payments

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